Redeemed  Restored  Rebuilding

RubiesLV is a sex industry survivor lead non profit 501c3. Our mission is to show those that are in the sex industry and or being trafficked that they have been REDEEMED, help them on their journey to being RESTORED and aiding them in the process of REBUILDING their lives as well as their families.


These resources would consist of but not be limited to.

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Legal
    • Resume Building
    • Education / GED / Financial Aid
    • Financial Freedom Course
    • Drug / Alcohol Addiction
    • Government Assistance / Welfare
    • Marriage Counseling
    • Therapy / Counseling
    • Divorce Care
    • Drop In Centers
    • Emergency Help Hotline
    • Job placement
    • One on one discipleship
    • Resources available for Foster Care & Fictive Kin  

About the Founder

Samantha Summers is the founder of Rubies LV, a faith-based organization that reaches people enslaved in the sex industry. Samantha had a vision for restoring the lives of others after she experienced a powerful deliverance in her own life from these types of addictions and problems. At just sixteen years of age, Samantha lost her father to cancer.  This trauma, together with the absence of her working mother, left a tremendous void. She tried to fulfill the void by seeking after monetary gain. This propelled her in to the sex industry in various ways. It wasn’t until she encountered Jesus that she broke free from both the pain of her past, and the subsequent addictive behaviors that followed. These experiences have fueled her passion for people and have shaped the organization to be relatable, merciful, and compassionate.

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